Hyde Park London Engagement Session – Fiona And Sean

Hyde Park Pre-Wedding Photography Session London

Ok, I have to admit – I can’t wait for the wedding of these two – Fiona and Sean. We’ve met in London before to discuss their before and they struck me like a couple madly in love. They are still in their early twenties – very young and their whole lives in front of […]

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Wedding Planning Tips From Your Photographer

Groom Surprises His Brde At The Reception

I am sure that there is a pretty good chance that you might have already taken a peek at my guide on choosing a wedding photographer, already booked and paid your camera artist and wondering what comes next. You might be asking yourself what kinds of things they will look for? What might help, what […]

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Top Wedding Photographer Interview Questions For Brides

Wedding Photography Questions To Ask

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your big day can be a daunting task – we know it! Here are our favorite 21 questions to interview your photographer. You can write them down, print them and take it with you when you meet your potential photographers. These are the questions that I think need answering […]

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How Did I Start As A Wedding Photographer?

Full Time Wedding Photographer

People often ask me how did I start doing what I do and how did I decide to leave my day job to pursue a career in wedding photography. I tried to be as thorough as I can be on my about page, but I decided to add a bit more details and a bit of […]

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How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Unlike other wedding vendors jobs, like music, flowers, catering or the cake maker, photos are not a thing that you can hear, taste, smell or even see at first. In reality, you are not really sure what you are getting until after the wedding. That means careful research and culling in regards to various professional […]

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East Quay Whitstable Wedding – Colin And Natalie

East Quay Whitstable Wedding Photography

This one is one of my second shooting jobs for another photographer. Second shooting is when another photographer requires an assistant and a second pair of eyes to capture some enhanced coverage of the wedding. The second shooter is very useful during the bridal and the groom’s preparations where just one photographer cannot be possible […]

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Narborough Hall Wedding Photography – Simone And Nick

This is one of the best wedding venues I have ever visited in my life – the Narborough Hall Gardens. We got extremely lucky with the weather on the day – it was raining the whole week up until the wedding when the sun came out. It was one of my second shooting opportunities and […]

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