Hyde Park London Engagement Session – Fiona And Sean

Hyde Park Pre-Wedding Photography Session London

Ok, I have to admit – I can’t wait for the wedding of these two – Fiona and Sean. We’ve met in London before to discuss their before and they struck me like a couple madly in love. They are still in their early twenties – very young and their whole lives in front of them. I was super excited when they decided to book me for their wedding, especially since it was going to be one of my first weddings in the UK since my move from America a few months back. They booked Minstrel Court wedding venue near Cambridge for their big day. It is a lovely outdoor venue and if the weather is nice it will make a lovely place for their wedding.

It was one of those perfect London autumn afternoons in Hyde Park where you can see feel the chill in the air, but cold enough for a proper jacket and whatnot. Ideal weather for a walk in the park and that is exactly what we did together. I took them on a stroll in the park and snapped away with my camera. I rarely pose people for photos, it is just not my thing to set you up in a pose and leave you there hanging and uncomfortable for the next half an hour. All I did is set them up, let them interact with each other and you can feel the love between them in almost every photo in this session. So here it is: