Minstrel Court Wedding Photography Cambridgeshire – Fiona And Sean

Minstrel Court Wedding Photography Cambridgeshire

Fiona, Sean, and their families are probably one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. We’ve met first in London for a pre-wedding consultation and we immediately clicked together. It’s very important to get along and be on the same wavelength with your clients and vice versa so I was very happy when they decided to book me as their wedding photographer. They are in their very early twenties so I knew the wedding will be fun and an emotional affair.

We’ve met near Hyde Park London for their pre-wedding photos shoot, or how I like to call it – an engagement session. That’s how they call it in America and since I started my career there that lasted almost 5 years full time I’m still used to calling it an engagement session. Maybe one day I’ll start calling it a pre-wedding shoot, who knows. It won’t be soon, though, I am a creature a habit. Throughout the session, I felt they both are very natural posers – they didn’t shy away from the camera and it was obvious how close they are and how much they love each other. They didn’t shy away from the camera and the pictures turned out amazing! Especially in the autumn, Hyde Park looks gorgeous with all the colours of the fallen leafs and the trees in their beautiful pigmentation. We had some amazing backgrounds to work with.

When the wedding day came I knew it would be a fun and a very interesting and emotional day. I started with Fiona’s prep since Sean wasn’t getting ready until the ceremony. Her dad was an avid cyclist so we had plenty to talk about during the off-time when the ladies were getting ready and changing upstairs. At the time I was an avid cyclist as well. Not so much anymore, unfortunately.

The wedding ceremony was held at St Nicholas Church near Norton in Hertfordshire. It is a beautiful church inside and out and it is the place of worship for both Fiona and Sean so the ceremony was very emotional for both of them, with lots of singing, laughter and a bit of tear as well. It was a gloomy day to start with but in mid-ceremony, we were surprised to see lovely bright sunshine peeking out from the church windows. It was a sight for sore eyes and I knew the pictures will turn out fantastic if the sunshine stays throughout the day. Fiona and Sean borrowed a friend of theirs vintage VW Camper and they desperately wanted to incorporate it in the wedding photos, but it would be hard to do so if it was raining outside as the forecast predicted.

Once the ceremony was over we all got in the camper and head out to Minstrel Court near Cambridge. What a lovely venue that was. It was my first time being there and with the weather on our side, I was like a hungry kid in a candy shop. They had the marquee open and all the table setups were lovely inside. The bride and the groom were already very comfortable in front of the camera, especially after doing the engagement session together at Hyde Park earlier in the year. We snapped away countless photos while waiting for the guests to arrive and the results were amazing. Even then I knew that I will fall in love with these photos. So here they are: