Top Wedding Photographer Interview Questions For Brides

Wedding Photography Questions To Ask

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your big day can be a daunting task – we know it!

Here are our favorite 21 questions to interview your photographer. You can write them down, print them and take it with you when you meet your potential photographers. These are the questions that I think need answering and I am constantly being asked when I meed my couples:

Question 1:  What is your preferred style of Photography?

Is it Traditional, Artistic, Natural, Photojournalism, Fine Art, Illustrative?Wedding Photography Questions To Ask

Question 2: How many weddings have you photographed to date?

A seasoned photographer would have at least double digits under his belt and will be able to offer a few insights.

Question 3: How many wedding you’ll have on my date?

f they say more than one, please ensure that there is adequate time in between each wedding. Most professionals will only shoot one wedding a day to ensure high-quality standards and avoid overlapping in case the wedding doesn’t go as planned.

Question 4: Have you ever been at my venue?

It is really not that important that your photographer has shot at the venue before, but it is always helpful. They would have a better idea of lighting, best locations for the family formals and the bridal portraits. In case your photographer hasn’t been to the venue ask to see if they can arrange a visit at the place before the big day to get acquainted with the venue and take some note of lighting and locations.

Question 5: Do you bring your own flashes and lighting?

The answer should be a certain “Yes!”. If it isn’t, please follow by asking to receive a detailed answer why they work without one.

Question 6: May I request certain images to be taken?

Most photographers are willing to accept a list of shots that you want. That can be whether a family portraits list, certain portraits and so on.

Question 7: How many hours are included?

Lots of vendors offer full-day collections so make sure that there are enough hours of wedding coverage to protect yourself from extra time charges.

Question 8: How much does an additional hour/hours cost?

If you don’t have an all-inclusive full day package you need to know how much would cost you any additional hours of coverage. Most, if not all, wedding run a bit late and it might be an expensive venture if you are late more than a few hours.

Question 9: Do you offer a second shooter with your collections?

I personally try to always offer a second wedding photographer with my collections. There are so many moments that might be missed when there is no second wedding photographer – The bride’s face when she sees the groom and vice versa, stolen moments of intimacy during the wedding reception, mom and dad’s face during the first kiss….

Question 10: How many images should I expect from my wedding?

On average most photographers take between 1200 and 2500 images at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you will see all of that. There are a lot of duplicate wedding images, closed eyes, funny faces… On average most togs deliver between 300 and 1000 images from a wedding.

Question 11: Is there a limit on wedding images that you shoot?

The answer in most cases should be a resounding  “No”

Question 12: How long does it take to see the proofs from my wedding?

Most photographers take between two and four weeks to deliver the first proofs from the wedding. Yours might be different, but you should have a clear timeframe for delivery.

Question 13: Will I Receive Copyright To The Images?

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to copyright. The photographer will ALWAYS have the copyright to the images and it is the law. However, said photographer can grant printing and sharing rights and that is usually all you need to print and share your wedding photos with friends and family.

Question 14: How much are prints and wedding albums?

There should be a clear pricing policy for albums, prints, and extra items.

Question 15: Is There An Album Included?

The album might or might not be included in the package you’re getting. It is very important that you know that in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Question 16:  Will you use my images on your blog?

You should have the option to opt out of advertising, but most togs would love to put your wedding on their blog or share it on other wedding sites and blogs. It helps with marketing and advertising, especially if it is a magazine worthy weddings with lots of little details and thoughtful features.

Question 17: What will you wear on the day?

Please ensure that your wedding photographer will be dressed appropriately at your wedding and not show up with baggy jeans, shorts or sandals!

Question 18: What is your plan in case of emergency?

Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but in case your photographer gets hurt or ill, they should have a backup plan in case if an emergency.

Question 19: Is there a deposit required?

Most photographers require a deposit to hold your date and ensure you are serious about hiring a wedding professional for your wedding. Most wedding professionals require a non-refundable deposit – from venues to DJs and bands.

Question 20: When is the final balance due?

It usually is due a month before the wedding, but different photographers have different policies.

Questions 21: What is your cancellation policy?

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